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In my workshop entitled "Getting it right from the start" delegates were introduced to several tools which can be used to ensure a good working relationship between mentor and mentee is established. Everyone experienced the GROW model of coaching and began to experiment with asking great questions to enable individuals to move a step closer to where they want to be. The work on DISC enabled delegates to begin to understand what motivates other people, what their biggest fear is and how they like to communicate.


“The session on DISC was fun, valuable and interactive. I was able to recognise my own strengths and also how others might perceive me.”


“ Amanda used searching questions to make me consider how I work well with people and when I might act in a way to cause tension.”


“Coaching empowers you to move forward, it was great to feel listened to”.

 Which trait is most like you a) at work b) under pressure c) at home?
A DISC profile can help identify any differences and also give you insight into what you might need to do more of or less of to assist effective relationships. 
Please contact me if you would like more information about DISC profiling in your institution or personally.
An adapted version of DISC is useful for students aged 8-14 years of age.
This can provide useful information for teachers and parents about how to work most effectively with a young person.
DISC profiles can be completed for a newly forming team to help them understand each other and know how to get the most out of their working relationship. It can also assist when things are not working so well in existing teams.