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Mrs C Weatherall
Head of Year
Expert English Teacher
Amanda is a highly skilled, highly experienced and very perceptive professional with an incredible capacity to successfully manage/oversee a number of demanding projects at the same time, whilst remaining extremely grounded, clear-headed, compassionate and humourous. She has an amazing ability to see through the "fog" and cut to the chase and is incredibly innovative in the variety of approaches she will take to solving problems. Amanda is also an honest but very tactful person who inspires confidence, so it was a pleasure having her as my line manager as I always knew that she had my professional development at the heart of any dealings we had. I would heartily recommend her to anyone who is interested in improving their performance at whatever professional level.
Mrs C Williams
Head of PHSE
Teacher of Social Sciences
Amanda was always a reliable, committed and popular member of the school and always played a full role in the wider work and aspirations of the school demonstrating her commitment to the school’s values and ethos. Amanda was a supportive and hard working line manager, who always listened and took my ideas on board. Most importantly, she put the needs and care of the students first and foremost. She was missed when she left for promotion.
Roger Ogle
Director at Swindon Publications Ltd

Amanda is clear thinking and full of ideas to enable you to think differently and take advantage of new opportunities.


Andrew Lowkis
Network Manager
I worked closely with Amanda on the Nova Hreod School Website. She gave guidance on polices that should be included. She also led the way with student on-line protection which I worked on. She was a very approachable Deputy Head, always willing to listen to ideas and help see any project through. She was more than professional in her working relationship with other staff members and the pupils.