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Why coaching?

   "Think differently and gain the benefits"


Coaching is a type of learning where the coach supports you to make decisions and take actions which are of benefit to you.

We are all unique and the only person who can know best about how you will succeed is yourself!

As a coach, I will support you to discover what will be the most beneficial actions to take.

My role is to structure the conversation to aid:

ü Identification of your goal or preferred future

ü  Consideration of your options

ü        Choice of the most suitable course of action

ü       Motivation

ü       Provide support

     ü    Provide a measure of accountability 

ü    Recognition of your strengths and celebrate achievements along the journey.

Coaching can be delivered in a variety of ways which best suit you:

i) by Skype

ii) by face to face meetings

iii) by phone call

iv) by email

Recent client feedback comments: 

"Amanda helped me to focus on the key goal I wanted to achieve. She helped me untangle the muddle I was in"

"Amanda is a really friendly person who is very approachable. I enjoyed my 6 sessions and feel that I have grown as a person and am now able to get my life back on track"

"I was amazed to hear myself talking about my problems with Amanda. I have never talked to anyone like this and it is a luxury. Whilst we have never met face to face I felt as though I had found a real friend in her. She has helped me see for myself how to solve my own problems." 

If you would like to know more about coaching please use the 'contact us' page and we will be delighted to send an information pack to help you decide if coaching is right for you.

AKC Consultancy adheres to the agreed Code of Ethics which a
ll staff, trainers, students, graduates, associates and members of The Coaching Academy must agree to follow.